For an enterprise to reach a truly efficient and sustainable operation and realise significant associated benefits, they must implement an holistic energy efficiency strategy. The strategy should identify initiatives for all the different business functions and ensure that the relationships between the business units are equally optimised.

To promote adoption of these initiatives across a tradition enterprise, each area of the model is further reinforced by metrics which can be found in the Metrics and Indicators Map - the metrics can be put into seniors executives scorecards to drive change in that area.

The model also outlines the different global organisations to align to in order to implement best practice and stay ahead of regulation/legislation. for each area.

Please download full blueprint – "True" Efficiency Blueprint

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Sunday, 6 June 2010


By ensuring holistic efficiency and sustainability you can:
  1. Identify significant benefits which would traditionally be missed as they cross functional boundaries 
  2. Ensure that any initiatives underway are providing real end benefit to the bottom line of the business 
  3. Ensure that the organisation is moving forward in one direction 
  4. Embed sustainability across the business to improve revenue, cost, profit, brand perception and provide a competitive edge 
  5. Improve employee engagement and satisfaction as they see that the business is serious about making a real change to it’s impact on the environment

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